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The Energy Production Platform


Iron-IQ is a full-service automation provider for oil and gas wells.  After years of working with legacy SCADA systems, we took a ground up approach to creating a modern platform that allows users to remotely monitor and control any well from anywhere in the world.  And full service means something to us.  We're not just selling you software or hardware - our team installs and maintains every component of the system.  As a subscription based service, we're bound to make sure that your system is always running and always profitable for you.




Low cost Automation as a Service.  Complete turnkey well automation solution.  Iron-IQ will lease, install, service, and upgrade everything required to automate your site.  Additionally you will have access to our modern AI infused user interface to monitor and control everything.

The only thing that you need to provide is the well and operator.  We supply all of this for a low cost monthly subscription fee that even low producing assets can achieve a positive ROI on.

AI Assisted Platform

Our AI engine uses real time and historical data to help optimize set points, and to predict production, maintenance issues, and seasonal changes.

Network Hub and Cable

Included Web and Mobile App

The included web app gives detailed analytics, monitoring, and control of all of your wells.  The mobile app receives custom alerts, allows pumpers to enter notes on site, and lists wells needing attention.


Production improvements are attributed to more effectively unloading the wells, better response times, remote intervention, and increased lift cycle optimization using SCADA.  Additionally, the wells now meet BLM requirements on venting.

Aaron Martinsen, CEO Utah Gas Corp


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