After years of working with legacy SCADA systems, we took a ground up approach to creating a modern cloud-based platform that allows users to remotely monitor and control any device from anywhere in the world. 

The Iron-IQ system is used for automation, asset tracking, security systems, water management, and other industries utilizing the IoT.  With customizable dashboards, alerts, and a proprietary prediction engine, Iron-IQ is a powerful and easy to use tool for any company looking to automate.

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SCADA as a Service 

Monitor. Control. Predict. Alert

Modern, Low-cost, and Turnkey. The Iron-IQ platform is the best solution for any organization to monitor and control all their devices. Pre-built templates make implementation quick and painless. 

Connect from anywhere to anywhere and always know the status of your assets.


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Whether or not you are utilizing the Iron-IQ platform, our Engineers and Integrators can assist you with nearly any Industrial Automation need you may have. 

Communications, PLC Programming, or SCADA Development.  Our experienced team can do it all.

Automation Engineering 

We have been using the Iron-IQ platform for 3 years now.  Production improvements are attributed to more effectively unloading the wells, better response times, remote intervention, and increased lift cycle optimization using SCADA.  Additionally, the wells now meet BLM requirements on venting.

Aaron Martinsen, CEO Utah Gas Corp

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Web and Mobile App

The included web app gives detailed analytics, monitoring, and control of all of your devices.  The mobile app receives custom alerts, allows technicians to enter notes on site, and lists assets needing attention.

Predictive Platform

Using your historical data our proprietary predictive platform lets you know when assets aren't performing the way they should. Optimize set points, predict failure, and ensure that you are running at 100% efficiency.

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Wind Turbines in the Mountains